Ed Conner, Owner & President

Plumbing since he was 17, Ed continually expands his knowledge to stay up to date with the newest innovations and plumbing systems.  He's the mastermind behind Plumber On The Way! 

Tim Conner, Lead Technician

Tim loves the technical projects which is why he's our go-to for tankless products, backflows, water filtration, radiant heat and gas applications.  

Carl Puffenbarger, Service Manager

Carl is our lead service plumber/manager and it's his job to ensure our service customers are happy and satisfied.  

Gee Ghobrial, Plumbing Technician

Gee works on our construction and service projects.  

Chris Opperman, Construction Supervisor

Chris works with our residential and commercial construction customers.  He's on hand to make sure your jobs are completed on time and accurately so that you can rest easy.

Gage Fury, Service Technician

Gage works on our service team taking care of residential and light commercial needs.